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We Can’t Be Serious! Can We? 

We live in a country that, for the past 7+ years, has had a President and Vice President that are nothing less than “War Criminals” and should not only be Impeached, but should be charged and convicted for what they are. Criminals.

We are ALL being raped of our basic rights and our Constitution.

We have 4,000+ dead soldiers that were killed in a war based TOTALLY on lies.

We have wounded soldiers coming home to sub standard medical care.

The very foundation of our society, our senior citizens, are being forced out of their homes and can’t afford their medication.

We have whole families and individuals, many of them veterans, living under bridges and in homeless shelters all across our country.

We have individuals, companies, churches and other organizations traveling to other countries to feed the hungry, while men, women and children are going hungry in the streets right here in America.

In the richest country in the world, people are dying because they don’t have, and can’t get proper health care.

Our children are going to school armed with weapons and killing each other.

YET, despite all of this, one of the largest protests to be staged in this country in decades, was held recently to protest what?


 God Bless Help America !

 ……..Don Chase




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A Right To Know Request was filed today with the Town of Pittsfield. See the “Town Hall” section for details.

UPDATE: On 3/18/08, in response to the above request, the town released a lenghtly and detailed account of the information requested. I would like to thank them for being so prompt in responding.

The link below will take you to a summary of that document.

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